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Ease your mind about your property's safety with security services from our company. From access control to armed officers, we provide options to suit your needs.
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Code of Ethics

At Hanover Security Inc., we take our security and investigative services seriously. We invite you to read our code of ethics to understand how and why we manage our operation.
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We are Celebrating Over 40 Years of Uncompromising Quality Service, with the Same Management in Place for 35 Years.

Hanover Security Inc.

Eliminate threats to your safety with services from our security consultants in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Hanover Security Inc. is the oldest established local private security service in the Richmond, VA area. All of our officers undergo an intense background screening and they are fingerprinted. They also complete the Virginia mandate of private security training and are registered by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. They also have long-established work histories, report to work on time, every time, and they always know what to do. By choosing Hanover Security Inc., you are confident that you receive the highest quality, professional service.

The History of Hanover Security Inc.

Hanover Security Inc. was founded as a corporation in 1973, and is a private security service business licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Serving the Commonwealth of Virginia for the past 40 years, Hanover Security Inc. offers armed and unarmed security, executive and personal protection, and investigations.

All security personnel are fingerprinted and must be nationally cleared by the FBI. All security personnel complete Virginia-mandated training, are approved for Virginia Registration and also receive photo ID cards through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.
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Hanover Security Inc. has been directly involved in strengthening the regulation of private security in Virginia over the past years. In 1989, Elizabeth Townsend, the president and compliance officer for the firm, was appointed to the Virginia Private Security Board. As past chairman for that board, she assisted in the development of tougher legislation and tighter regulation for the industry.

In 1993, Ms. Townsend received a gubernatorial appointment to the Criminal Justice Services Board, the regulatory board for the industry. As a result of her work with these boards, she understands very well the challenges that face private security today.

In 1989, Hanover Security Inc. was named a finalist in the Chambers Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year competition. In 1990, Ms. Townsend earned the designation of Certified Protection Professional, awarded by the internationally-recognized American Society for Industrial Security.
Since its origin in 1973, Hanover Security Inc. has achieved a delicate balance between growth and quality. Over the years, extensive growth enabled the company to satisfy the needs of customers, both large and small.

"Controlled growth" allowed Hanover Security Inc. to monitor and maintain the level of quality necessary for sound security programs. It also allowed the firm to bring to the customer the personal touch that makes the difference. As a result of being the most reputable and oldest-established small business, woman-owned private security service in the Richmond metropolitan area, local and national prestigious firms continue to seek out the services of Hanover Security Inc.
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